davids tea white tiger

Davids tea white tiger. This has white peony tea,blueberrys,and pomegranate essence. I did not steep this real long. It smells like blueberry. This turned into a light brown color. And this taste like nice white tea,with not too tart blueberries and a slight hint of pomegranate. I thought this is pretty good.


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celestial seasonings sugar cookie sleigh ride

Sugar cookie tea. This has milk thisle,roasted barley,orange peel,and vanilla bean. I brewed this and it turned into a light brown color. It smells kind of vanillaish. I mainly taste the vanilla. This not a overly strong flavored tea. It taste sort of vanilla like and slightly sweet. this does vaguely get the sugar cookie taste. This is pretty decent.

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pearl teas teachocolatte

Pearl teas teachocolatte. This has black tea,cocoa,and chocolate bits. This looks like black tea with bits of chocolate. I brewed this up to black tea with a slight chocolate scent. This does slightly taste like chocolate,but not the chocolateness I want. This is decent.

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tropical tea co strawberry green

Strawberry green. This looks like green tea with dried strawberrys.  This smells like green tea and slightly like strawberrys. I did not steep this very long. This does taste like green tea although its the type of taste I do not like with a slight taste of strawberry this is just ok.

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liberteas creamy irish breakfast

Creamy irish breakfast. This looks like irish breakfast black with yellow flower buds. This smells like black tea. I did not have to steep very long. This has irish breakfast tea,vanilla,and yellow flower buds. This does taste like irish breakfast tea and the natural vanilla is really there. This is pretty good.

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layla decaf fruit blend.

Decaf fruit blend. Hibiscus,lemongrass,rose hips,orange peel,and peppermint. This brewed to a light brown. I did not brew it long at all. It mainly smells like peppermint. This has the taste of the slightly tart hibiscus with a slight touch of peppermint. While me nnot being a big fun of berry or hibiscus blends this is not too bad with the balance of peppermint. To me this is just decent.

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liberteas chocolate rose romance

Chocolate rose romance. Ceylon black tea,dark chocolate chunks,cacao nibs,rose petals and leaves,vanilla,roobios,applepieces,and almonds. This does look like the ingredients. This really smells like chocolate. I did not brew this very long. This brewed up as black tea. This does taste like natural chocolate and is pretty good.

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liberteas carmel o mine

This has ceylon black tea,assam black tea,and carmel. This looks like black tea with bites of carmel. And it smells like it to. I did not have to steep it very long either. It brews up black obviously. And this really does taste like black tea with a sweet strong careml taste. This is pretty good.

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boca java chocolate mate

Chocolate mate. This looks dark and with flecks to it. I only brwed a couple of minutes. I does smell somewhat chocolate like. And it brews up dark to. This is just ok I guess I do not like yerba mate a whole lot.

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art of tea whit gobi blossoms

White tea gogji blossoms. white tea,rw goji berries,lemon myrtleanf flower blossoms. This looks like white tea and the ingredients. I would only steep a couple of minutes. This brewed up as white tea. This would taste sort of lemony,orangey pearish and is just ok.

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